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Our product selection represents some of the most sustainable office products currently available in Australia.
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We genuinely care about the environment

Eco Office Supplies is an Australian online retailer that supplies environmentally responsible alternatives to consumable office requisites.

From the sourcing of products to delivery, Eco Office® strives to minimise adverse environmental impacts in our operations and products.

We embrace the 3 R's of environmental management: re-duce, re-use, re-cycle!

Recycle and buy recycled!

Over 1.5 million tonnes of paper is kept out of landfill every year by recycling in Australia. However, there is no point in recycling if we don’t buy back the new products manufactured from our recycling efforts.

Buying recycled products ‘closes the loop’ by providing a market outlet for materials saved from landfill. As consumers we can have a great influence on the kinds of products made available to us, by changing our shopping habits and choosing environmentally-friendly products.

We fundamentally believe that the purchasing power of business, Government and consumers helps build demand and drive down the cost of recycled goods and environmentally responsible products and services.

The underlying goal of our business is to increase the demand for recycled products so that manufacturers have the incentive to meet the supply and minimise their own waste output.

Completing the life cycle of the recycled material, results in resource, waste, energy and water savings. Thanks to Eco Office®, our customers can ‘close the loop’ and buy it back!

Product selection

Eco Office® specialises exclusively in products that assist businesses to minimise their environmental footprint. We actively seek out the most environmentally responsible products currently available on the market that are biodegradable or recyclable at end of life.

We are committed to supplying a range of sustainable products for our customers that contain recycled content; use non-toxic alternatives; are made from biodegradable renewable materials; save water or energy; and/or reduce landfill waste.

Self-declared environmental claims

We aim to set a new benchmark for honesty and transparency in product descriptions – assisting our customers to compare the green credentials simply and easily. Effectively, we've done the research for you!

We will communicate the environmental benefits of each product with user-friendly product descriptions, supported by readily identifiable symbols to indicate where products are recycled, Australian made or certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the current Australian Certified Organic (ACO) standard. 


Our entire business model is based in the 'cloud'. Where possible we reduce paper consumption by utilising paperless ordering, invoices and correspondence. Rather than printing bulky catalogues, we create tree-free paperless catalogues that are distributed in PDF format to our customers via the internet.


Naturally, any paper consumables we use in our office are either 100% recycled or 100% tree-free. We support the use of paper made from renewable resources (such as bamboo or sugarcane bagasse) and/or paper products with the FSC certification for peace of mind that the fibre is sourced from sustainably-managed plantations and forestry operations using only ECF (elemental chlorine free) or TCF (total chlorine free) bleaching processes to avoid the discharge of harmful chlorine emissions to the environment.


Any commercial printing we need is printed in Australia using vegetable based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.


Your order won't arrive in pretty boxes branded with our logo – because every carton that comes into our warehouse is reused to dispatch orders to our clients. Our cartons are recyclable, and we use only degradable bubble wrap and recycled loose fill packaging material.


We adopt an environmentally preferable purchasing policy for the procurement of all goods and services for our business - that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment as compared to other goods and services serving the same purpose.


Our warehouse complex has extensive solar panels installed on the roof. The spaces are well insulated to remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Our offices have an abundance of natural light through large tinted windows which reduce the need for heating/cooling and also reduces our reliance on overhead lighting. We minimise energy consumption by switching off unused appliances.


We minimise the use of harmful chemicals in our operations and work place. Our cleaners use products that are free of petrochemicals, phosphates, chlorine, harsh acids, solvents, palm oil, synthetic fragrances, and are not tested on animals. This helps to minimise the harmful effects on human health and the natural environment including our waterways and aquatic life. The liquid is decanted from bulk refill packs into reusable spray bottles to reduce packaging waste.

Palm Oil

We recommend and support products that do not contain Palm Oil or Palm Oil derivatives sourced from Indonesia because of the associated issues with global warming, bio fuel, deforestation, loss of habitat, extinction of species, health and social issues.

Waste Management

Our waste management strategy is very simple. Nothing is thrown away that can be reused or recycled. Educational posters are displayed in our workplace to clearly explain the do's and don'ts about what to put in each colour-coded bin.

We assist our clients to implement recycling programs and can provide recycling bins and compostable bin liners.

Carbon Offsets

What we can't reduce or elimiate we offset with carbon credits.
For example, since 1 July 2012, every freight booking has been carbon offset to minimise the transport related carbon footprint of shipping inventory 'from A to B' via Climate Friendly's Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project. This project helps to protect large tracts of privately owned land in the Tasmanian Central Highland. The land is degraded native forest which has been logged in the past and, in the absence of carbon revenue, would continue to be either logged or cleared for agriculture in the future.


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