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Australia's first 100% green office supply retailer

Eco Office Supplies is a national online retailer specialising in the supply
of sustainable office consumables for Australian workplaces.

Since 2009, Eco Office® has been leading the way as Australia’s first green office
supply retailer to devote 100% of its product lines to environmentally responsible
alternatives to everyday office consumables such as stationery, cleaning products,
kitchen, catering and bathroom supplies.

As a 100% Australian owned family business, Eco Office® believes in buying local
and proudly supports Australian-made product wherever possible.

Sustainable alternatives

Eco Office Supplies provides a market outlet for office products that:
- contain recycled content;
- are reusable, biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable at end of life;
- are manufactured from renewable resources, waste by-products, or recycled
  waste materials that have been diverted from landfill;
- are made locally in Australia to reduce the carbon kilometres from manufacturer
  to consumer;
- are non-toxic and therefore help protect human health, biodiversity and habitat; and/or
- create fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce.

The Eco Office® product range represents some of the ‘greenest’ options currently
available in Australia and will be continually updated as manufacturers release new
sustainable products onto the market in response to popular demand.

Go green at work and home

Although Eco Office® is predominantly a Business-to-Business (B2B) service, they
do have a number of valued customers that purchase their eco-friendly products in
bulk to use at home.

Contact Eco Office today and see how easy it is to green your workplace or home
office, by switching to recycled and sustainable products that support ethical, social
and environmental purchasing policies.


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