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  • Pilot B2P Retractable Gel Ink Pen (Fine tip 0.7mm)
    Made from recycled PET

    Vibrant G2 gel ink lets you create smooth, effortless marks.

    -Retractable design lets you open and close your pen with a simple click of a button.

    -Visible ink supply lets you know when it's time to refill your pen.

    -Pocket clip for easy portability.

    -Meets ISO 14001 and 1421 standards.

    -Each fine-point pen allows for precise marks that are easily legible.

    -Less harsh chemicals — made with fewer harsh chemicals, or safer chemicals than typical alternatives, helping reduce your use of and exposure to substances that may be more harmful to your health and the environment.

    -Refill — designed for use with a specific refillable, helping you save resources and money by extending the life of your product.

    • 2-1201-10A
      Black 0.7mm
      $3.90     Qty
    • 2-1201-10B
      Red 0.7mm
      $3.90     Qty
    • 2-1201-10C
      Blue 0.7mm
      $3.90     Qty
    • 2-1201-10F
      G2 Refill - Red 0.7mm - Pack of 12
      $21.50     Qty

  • Papermate Flexgrip Ultra - Ball Point Pen - 55% recycled

    The Paper Mate® FlexGrip Ultra® Stick Ballpoint Pen features a textured, rubberized barrel that conforms to your grip. This ballpoint pen also has a steel flange tip for extra durability.

    Smoothly sophisticated and comfortable writing

    Ringed full-length grip provides comfort in every position

    Easy-grip barrels and stainless-steel accented tips for a stylish appearance

    Barrel colour indicates ink colour at a glance

    Made from 55% recycled material

    • 2-1201-15A
      Black - Each
      $2.20     Qty
    • 2-1201-15C
      Blue - Each
      $2.20     Qty
    • 2-1201-15D
      Black - Pack of 12
      $25.00     Qty
    • 2-1201-15F
      Blue - Pack of 12
      $25.00     Qty
    • 2-1201-15B
      Red - Each
      $2.20     Qty
    • 2-1201-15E
      Red - Pack of 12
      $25.00     Qty

  • Coloured Pencil Set - Recycled - White - Set of 12 in cardboard box

    • 2-1202-04A
      Set of 12
      $12.50     Qty

  • Pilot BegreeN Progrex HB Mechanical Pencil

    Pilot ProGrex BeGreen Mechanical Pencil is made from recycled content, and offers the same great quality you'd expect from Pilot.

    • 2-1203-01B
      0.7mm - Each
      $2.80     Qty

  • Pilot BegreeN V Board Master - WHITE BOARD Marker - Bullet Nib

    Pilot BegreeN V Board Master is a refillable whiteboard marker with a light resistant, bright ink that allows for 10 metre visibility. Using Pilot’s Twin Pipe Feed system, ink is continuously pumped to tip so that you can write until the very last drop!

    • 2-1204-01F
      Bundle of 4 assorted colours - Black, Red, Blue, Green
      $12.90     Qty

  • Artline Clix - FINE TIP - PERMANENT Marker - Recycled - Retractable - Refillable
    Recycled. Refillable.

    Just a single click to write. Retractable permanent marker with bullet nib. Cartridge refillable.

    • 2-1205-05B
      Red - Pack of 12
      $48.75     Qty
    • 2-1205-05D
      Green - Pack of 12
      $48.75     Qty

  • Staedtler PVC-free eraser
    Free of PVC and Latex

    Erases without marks or smudges for precise and clean results in the office, at school or at home.

    The recyclable cardboard sleeve provides comfortable handling, and the biodegradable cellophane wrapper protects your eraser from getting soiled.

    Colour: white.

    Made in Taiwan.

    Size: 65mm x 22mm and 12mm thick.

    • 2-1208-01A
      $1.90     Qty
    • 2-1208-01B
      Pack of 20
      $30.00     Qty

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