Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

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  • Oates Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - Colour coded - 40 x 40cm
    Chemical free cleaning. Wash and reuse.

    Clean with or without chemicals.
    Thick, premium grade microbre cloth suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning.

    Colour-coded to help eliminate the risk of cross contamination between work areas:
    Green - Kitchen
    Red - Bathroom
    Blue - General cleaning
    Yellow - Infectious areas

    Size: 40 x 40cm.

    • 4-1301-02A
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    • 4-1301-02B
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    • 4-1301-02C
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    • 4-1301-02D
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  • Oates - Microfibre - Dusting and polishing cloth - 32 x 32cm
    Chemical free cleaning. Wash and reuse.
    Dusting cloth for benchtops, computers and appliances;
    or polishing furniture, tapware and mirrors.

    - Non-scratch, streak free cleaning
    - No chemicals required
    - Wash and reuse

    Size: 32 x 32cm.

    Note: Cloth colour may be either pink or orange (depending on stock availability)


    • 4-1301-04A
      $5.50     Qty

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