Recycled Toilet Paper

[EC-4001] Earthcare - Recycled Toilet Paper

100% post consumer recycled. Australian made and owned.

Australian-made and owned.
100% post-consumer recycled paper with all pulp sourced from Australia.
The unscented paper is soft, strong and white.
Oxygen, rather than chlorine, is used to bleach the paper and the water used at the mill is recycled and re-used.

- Double length rolls last longer
- Fits standard domestic wall dispensers

- Individually wrapped for hygiene
- No plastic packaging
- 2 ply
- 400 sheets per roll
- Carton of 48 rolls 

Carbon neutral delivery 
Contact-less delivery at your front door

  • 1-1001-01A
    400 sheet - 2 ply - Carton - 48 rolls
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Recyclable Australian Made FSC

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