Papermate Flexgrip Ultra - Ball Point Pen - 55% recycled

Papermate Flexgrip Ultra - Ball Point Pen

The Paper Mate® FlexGrip Ultra® Stick Ballpoint Pen features a textured, rubberized barrel that conforms to your grip. This ballpoint pen also has a steel flange tip for extra durability.

Smoothly sophisticated and comfortable writing

Ringed full-length grip provides comfort in every position

Easy-grip barrels and stainless-steel accented tips for a stylish appearance

Barrel colour indicates ink colour at a glance

Made from 55% recycled material

  • 2-1201-15A
    Black - Each
  • 2-1201-15C
    Blue - Each
  • 2-1201-15D
    Black - Pack of 12
  • 2-1201-15F
    Blue - Pack of 12
  • 2-1201-15B
    Red - Each
  • 2-1201-15E
    Red - Pack of 12
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