MultiSort Recycling Bins

MultiSort Recycling Bins

Teaching your team to sort by the colours is easy with the flexible Multi-sort recycling bin system.

Create a recycling work station in the kitchen or coffee room and near your copier/s or printer/s.

The stackable bin bases, with handles, are available in either 40, 60 or 90 Litre capacity.

The efficient size and shape fits tight spaces, and the bins can be grouped together to create a waste station that suits the specific needs of your workplace or industry.

The interchangables lids are available in all the Australian Standard colours, which means that users can easily identify with their waste streams both at home and when out in public.

One size lid fits all MultiSort bin bases. In addition, the lids are differentiated by aperature openings that assist users to recognise the appropriate waste stream. For example, a circular opening for cans and plastics and a longer slit for paper and cardboard.

Combined with easily recognisable graphics positioned around the aperature depicting the appropriate waste stream, these features assist in maximising the resources captured for recycling, whilst minimising waste to landfill.

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  • 5-1001-13A
    40L - Bin Base - Dark Grey (495 H, 319 W, 401 D)
  • 5-1001-13B
    60L - Bin Base - Dark Grey (640 H, 269 W, 600 D)
  • 5-1001-13C
    90L Bin Base - Dark Grey (750 H, 286 W, 510 D)
  • 5-1001-13D
    LID - Blue - Paper & Cardboard
  • 5-1001-13E
    LID - Green - Organic Waste
  • 5-1001-13F
    LID - Yellow - Mixed Recyclables
  • 5-1001-13G
    LID - Red - Landfill
  • 5-1001-13H
    LID - Yellow - Co-Mingle (Slit & Circle)
  • 5-1001-13I
    LID - Blue - Co-Mingle (Slit & Circle) 60L & 90L
  • 5-1001-13J
    LID - Black - Coffee Cup
  • 5-1001-13K
    LID - White - 10C Refundable 60L & 90L
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