Kitchen Compost Bin - 7 Litre

Kitchen Compost Bin - 7 Litre

This caddy is specically designed to separate your organic kitchen scraps for composting.

Place the handle in an upright position to lock the lid tightly in position and secure the bin liner in place.

When used with 8 Litre compostable bin liners, it makes the whole process clean and simple. When the caddy fills up, you can just remove the compost by lifting out the bag and putting it straight in your compost bin. Some councils also allow these bags to be placed in the green waste.

Minimum of 15% recyclable material used in construction.

Size: 252mm H x 252mm W x 229mm D


Why separate your kitchen scraps?
If your organic waste goes to landfill it will decompose and generate Landfill Gas. The methane in Landfill Gas is 25 times more potent in its greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide.

What can go in your compost bin?
- Tea bags/Coffee Grounds
- Food left overs/scraps
- Egg shells
- Dairy products
- Fruit/Veg scraps & peel
- Meat scraps & bones
- Shredded paper
- Paper towels
- Facial Tissues


  • 5-1001-12A
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