Enviroclean Dishwasher Powder - Super concentrate

Enviroclean Dishwasher Powder - Super concentrate

Up to 200 machine washes per kilogram

Automatic dishwashing detergents can contain toxic chemicals and fragrance compounds that coat the plates, glasses and cutlery we eat off!

The entire Enviroclean product range is Australian-made, environmentally responsible, readily biodegradable, and are septic, sewerage and bio system safe. They contain no fillers, petrochemicals, phosphates, chlorine, SLS or SLES, have no harsh fumes or chemical residues, and are not tested on animals.

Economical to use - only use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per wash

- Suitable for dishwasher machines
- No residues or toxic fumes
- No fillers or perfume
- No chlorine
- Biodegradable
- Septic, sewerage and bio system safe
- Grey water safe for the garden
- Not tested on animals

TIP: Before using this dishwasher powder for the time it is recommend to pour a cup of white vinegar inside your EMPTY machine, and run through a wash cycle on the hottest setting.


  • 4-1002-01A
  • 4-1002-01B
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