Eco Bin - Educational Posters

Eco Bin - Educational Posters

Display these wall posters above your waste station bins to clearly communicate what to put in each bin.

This set of 5 colour coded wall posters clearly list the do’s and dont’s to help your team sort and separate office waste into the correct bins, thereby minimising the risk of contamination at the source.

Colour coded to Australian standards - so, the recycling skills your team learn at work are easily transferrable to their home or public places.

Laminated for durability and long life

Size: 420mm x 200mm


  • 5-1001-03A
    Green - Organic Waste
  • 5-1001-03B
    Yellow - Mixed Recyclables
  • 5-1001-03C
    Red - Landfill
  • 5-1001-03D
    Blue - Paper & Cardboard
  • 5-1001-03E
    White - Soft Plastics
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