Earth Renewable Dishwash Liquid - Concentrate

Earth Renewable Dishwash Liquid - Concentrate

Up to 180 washes per 750ml bottle

Australian made and certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) this product is an environmentally preferable dishwashing liquid containing biodegradable cleaning agents for removing grease and baked-on food, cleaning your dishes without leaving harmful chemical residue.

Earth Renewable products are free of all volatile organic compounds, free of any known carciogens and free of all known toxins.

- No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 
- No chlorine or bleaches 
- No harmful solvents 
- No biocides 
- No caustic alkalis 
- No known carcinogens 
- No known toxins.

Earth Renewable has worked with their suppliers to ensure that no palm oil used in their products come from plantations in Indonesia or Borneo and can provide certification to that effect.

The portion control dispensing pump minimises waste and maximise savings.
Easy and economical to use - each 750 ml bottle of concentrate makes up to 180 sinks of washing up liquid.

Carton contains: 4 x 750ml bottles of Dishwashing Liquid and one Dispensing Pump

  • 4-1001-02B
    Carton of 4 x 750ml (includes 1 x pump)
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