Dual compartment under-desk recycling bins

Dual compartment under-desk recycling bins

Simplify daily waste disposal by separating your recyclables from landfill waste with these dual compartment under-desk recycling bins.
Eliminates the need for two or more bins.
All container parts are recyclable, and up to 40% recycled content is used in the manufacture.

The design allows for the waste to be inserted into the lower compartment from two sides. Ideal for sharing one bin between two adjoining work stations.

Outer bin: Black or blue.
Inner bin: Standard colours include red, blue, yellow, orange, green, burgundy or black.

Outer bin: 13.5 litres.
Inner bin: 8.5 litres.

270W x 320D x 270H (mm)

An efficient container for office recycling programs that replaces conventional under desk waste bins and cardboard boxes.

It has two compartments for easy source separation of waste from recyclable office paper.

The inner compartment is designed to hold general waste. The larger outer bin accumulates flat, clean paper for efficient collection.

Both compartments are easily emptied whilst preventing paper contamination. This ensures that recovered paper can be recycled back into printing and writing paper, tissue or packaging.

- Reduces contamination of recyclables saving energy and reducing costs
- Compact design and footprint saves on valuable floor space
- Manufactured with up to 40% recycled content polypropylene
- The removable waste holder simplifies daily waste disposal & cleaning 
- Slot handles moulded in for grip and control when lifting 
- Complements any office decor with clean design
- Compact footprint and shaped to fit under the desk

- Australian designed and manufactured
- Waterproof for easy cleaning
- Promotes office recycling

Available in cartons of 6 bin sets

Lead time. Orders received by Monday will be dispatched on Thursday.

Please request a quote for bulk orders

  • 5-1001-07D
    Carton of 6 bin sets. Blue inner. Black Outer.
  • 5-1001-07E
    Carton of 6 bin sets. Yellow inner. Black Outer.
  • 5-1001-07F
    Carton of 6 bin sets. Green inner. Black Outer.
  • 5-1001-07G
    Carton of 6 bin sets. Black inner. Black Outer.
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