Degradable (EPI) Bin Liners - White - 36 Litre

Degradable (EPI) Bin Liners - White - 36 Litre

These degradable (EPI) bin liners are reusable, recyclable and degradable.

Fits most kitchen tidy bins or under desk bins.

36 Litre bags
Size: 70 x 59cm

Roll of 50
Carton of 1,000 (20 rolls x 50 bags)

Made in Thailand

EPI manufactures and uses custom compounders that are ISO 9000 certified in the UK, USA and Canada to produce its TDPA additives, which are incorporated into traditional plastics to make them degradable and biodegradable.

Small amounts of 'Pro-Degradant' additives are introduced into the conventional manufacturing process, changing the behaviour of the plastic to accelerate the degradation process when exposed to heat, stress and light.

Store in a dark, dry, cool area.

The goal is to help divert all naturally biodegradable waste (such as food waste, garden waste, pet waste and paper waste) from entering our landfills.
If any of these items are placed in an anaerobic (air-locked) landfill, their natural ability to biodegrade can be severely diminished.

Plastics are a major pollutant in our environment and waterways. Traditional plastic bin liners take over 400 years to biodegrade.
Degradable bin liners are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.
However, they require a warm, oxygen-rich environment to break down.

So, they will not biodegrade in an anaerobic (air-locked) landfill.

There is a lot of debate about what bin liners are best for the dry, oxygen-deprived anaerobic conditions in Australian landfills.

  • 5-1101-01C
    Carton of 1,000 bags (20 rolls)
  • 5-1101-01C-R
    Roll of 50 bags
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