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  • MultiSort Recycling Bins

    Sort by the colours!

    The MultiSort recycling bins make it easy for your team to sort by the colours.
    The aim of the game is to maximise resources collected for recycling; and minimise waste to landfill!


    Create a recycling work station in the kitchen or coffee room and near your copier/s or printer/s.

    - The stackable bin bases are available in either 40, 60 or 90 Litre capacity

    - Fits tight spaces

    - Interchangables lids are available in all the Australian Standard colours.

    Please request a quote for bulk orders

    (Note: One lid size fits all Multisort bin bases)

    • 5-1001-13A
      40L - Bin Base - Dark Grey (495 H x 319 W x 401mm D)
      $50.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-13B
      60L - Bin Base - Dark Grey (640 H x 269 W x 600mm D)
      $75.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-13C
      90L Bin Base - Dark Grey (750 H x 286 W x 510mm D)
      $85.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-13D
      LID - Blue - Paper & Cardboard
      $50.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-13E
      LID - Green - Organic Waste
      $50.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-13F
      LID - Yellow - Mixed Recyclables
      $50.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-13G
      LID - Red - Landfill
      $50.00     Qty

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