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  • Dual compartment under-desk recycling bins

    Simplify daily waste disposal by separating your recyclables from landfill waste with these dual compartment under-desk recycling bins.

    Eliminates the need for two or more bins.

    All container parts are recyclable, and a minimum of 40% recycled content is used in the manufacture.

    Australian made

    Outer bin: Black or blue
    Inner bin: Standard colours include red, blue, yellow, orange, green, burgundy or black

    Outer bin: 13.5 litres
    Inner bin: 8.5 litres

    Size: 270W x 320D x 270H (mm)

    Available in cartons of 6 bin sets

    Lead time. Orders received by Monday will be dispatched on Thursday.

    Please request a quote for bulk orders

    • 5-1001-07C
      Carton of 6 bin sets. Red inner. Black Outer.
      $150.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-07D
      Carton of 6 bin sets. Blue inner. Black Outer.
      $150.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-07E
      Carton of 6 bin sets. Yellow inner. Black Outer.
      $150.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-07F
      Carton of 6 bin sets. Green inner. Black Outer.
      $150.00     Qty
    • 5-1001-07G
      Carton of 6 bin sets. Black inner. Black Outer.
      $150.00     Qty
    Recyclable Australian Made

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