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  • EnviroCare Sensitive Body & Hair Cleanser
    Australian made. Palm Oil Free.

    Replace your soap and shampoo - with a natural liquid hand soap you can wash your whole body and hair with!

    Bulk buy and save - Refill your dispensers from a 5 or 15 Litre bottle. Refillable bottles means less packaging ends up in landfill.

    Suitable for sensitive skin and scalp.
    Based on natural ingredients, vegetable minerals and extracts.
    Readily biodegradable, concentrated and economical to use.

    - Australian made and owned
    - No colour. No fragrance.

    - No palm oil
    - No petrochemicals
    - No sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
    - No sodium laureth sulphate (SLES)
    - No caustics & lye
    - No formaldehyde
    - No glycol
    - No animal ingredients
    - Not tested on animals

    • 1-1301-03B
      375ml pump
      $10.70     Qty
    Australian Made

  • EnviroCare Hair Conditioner
    Australian made

    Formulated to condition and treat all types of hair without harsh chemicals. Contains natural henna, herbs, essential oils and vitamin E.

    - No ammonium chloride (dangerous to eyes)

    - No propyl or glycol
    - No SLS or phosphates
    - No caustics
    - No vegetable oil fillers
    - No animal ingredients

    - Not tested on animals

    - Concentrated and economical to use
    - Readily biodegradable
    - Grey water safe for the garden
    - Suitable for septic, sewerage and bio systems
    - 100% Australian owned and manufactured

    • 1-1301-04A
      375ml pump
      $10.70     Qty
    • 1-1301-04B
      1 Litre
      $19.75     Qty
    • 1-1301-04C
      5 Litres
      $80.20     Qty
    Australian Made

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