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Palm Oil Barcode Scanner App -
Free Download for IOS and Android

The world's first palm oil product barcode scanner app for iPhone and Android places power in the hands of Australian consumers.

Palm Oil Scanner Free App How to use the Palm Oil Free Scanner App for IOS and Android

A new FREE app could potentially turn the Palm Oil Industry on its head. Placing power in the hands of Australian consumers - who can now scan the barcode at the point of purchase to reveal the Palm & Certification Status for Australian products on their iPhone or Android mobile phone device.

Until now, comparing product claims has been a nightmare with so many different ingredient names used to disguise palm oil and palm oil derivatives on Australian packaging.

Scan results fall into 5 categories from highest rating to lowest:

• Palm Oil Free (best result)
• Active No Deforestation Policy
• RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
• RSPO Mass Balance (mixed certified with uncertified)
• FAIL (worst result)

What is most astonishing is that Palm Oil Investigations (POI), the not-for-profit organisation behind this new tool, is entirely staffed by a team of passionate volunteers relying on donations for fund raising. Through their Facebook page Palm Oil Investigations have engaged an audience of over 150,000 followers in just over a year. Sometimes it takes a grass roots movement to take action!

The App is free to download, however donations to support this volunteer-run organisation are gratefully appreciated.

Website:  and


Free Palm Oil Barcode Scanne App



Say NO to Palm Oil

In Australia, palm oil can be found in around 50% of packaged supermarket products, yet the moral and environmental implications of palm oil are devastating.


Palm oil is one of the primary causes for deforestation, as vast areas of forest are cleared daily to make way for palm oil plantations. The production of palm oil pushes species to extinction, results in human rights abuses and has severe impacts on the environment.

It’s estimated that 98% of Indonesian forest will be gone in 9 years due to palm oil plantations. Tropical rainforests can absorb nearly a third of all CO2 emissions, hence their destruction has a devastating effect on climate change.

Here are some tips to cut palm oil from your life...

Source: 1 Million Women


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