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  • Enviroclean Dishwash Liquid - Concentrate
    Australian made

    Up to 200 washes per litre

    An effective, fresh mint smelling dishwashing liquid that leaves kitchenware sparkling clean while not harming our waterways or environment.

    - Suitable for 'washing up' by hand (not suitable for dishwasher machines)
    - Concentrated and economical to use
    - Biodegradable
    - Septic, sewerage and bio system safe
    - Grey water safe for the garden

    - Not tested on animals

    • 4-1001-01A
      100ml Trial size
      $3.90     Qty
    • 4-1001-01B
      $9.65     Qty
    • 4-1001-01C
      1 Litre
      $11.35     Qty
    • 4-1001-01D
      2 Litre
      $19.95     Qty
    • 4-1001-01E
      5 Litre
      $44.20     Qty
    Australian Made

  • Enviroclean Dishwasher Powder - Super concentrate
    Australian made

    Up to 200 machine washes per kilogram

    Economical to use - only use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per wash

    - Suitable for dishwasher machines
    - No residues or toxic fumes
    - No fillers or perfume
    - No chlorine
    - Biodegradable
    - Septic, sewerage and bio system safe
    - Grey water safe for the garden
    - Not tested on animals


    • 4-1002-01A
      $19.40     Qty
    • 4-1002-01B
      $34.80     Qty
    • 4-1002-01C
      $78.35     Qty
    Australian Made

  • Ecover - Automatic Dishwasher Tablets
    Made from plant based ingredients
    Convenient extra large pack of 70 tablets suitable for use in dishwasher machines.

    - Plant based ingredients
    - No residue of unnecessary chemicals on your dishes
    - quick and complete biodegradability 
    - minimum impact on aquatic life 
    - no animal testing
    - approved by the Vegan society

    • 4-1002-02B
      Pack of 70 tablets (1.4kg)
      $31.95     Qty

  • Enviroclean Dishwasher Rinse Aid - Concentrate
    Australian made

    Extra sparkle for your glass, stainless steel and cutlery.
    Add rinse aid liquid to your machine’s dispenser for a “streak free” wash when used in conjunction with dishwasher powder.
    Made from natural ingredients which prevents calcium deposits.

    - Suitable for use in dishwasher machines (used in conjunction with dishwasher powder)
    - Australian made
    - Biodegradable
    - Grey water safe for the garden
    - Septic, sewerage and bio system safe.

    • 4-1003-01A
      $13.45     Qty
    • 4-1003-01B
      1 Litre
      $20.00     Qty
    Australian Made

  • Oates - Bamboo - Sponge - Non-Scratch - Heavy Duty - 14 x 9cm - Set of 2
    Bamboo. Anti-bacterial. Wash and reuse.
    Non-scratch sponge is ideal for cleaning dishes and grill plates.
    Heavy duty sponge with unique weave to clean stubborn stains.
    Bamboo fibres rinse easily and do not retain odours.
    Removes oil & grime effortlessly.

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