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  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - Set of 4
    Chemical free cleaning. Wash and reuse.

    Clean with or without chemicals.
    Super absorbent cloths - hold up to 8 times their weight in liquids.
    Wash and reuse.

    Set of 4 cloths:
    Pink - dusting computers & electronics or polishing furniture & tapware.
    Blue - kitchen or bathroom.
    Yellow - lint-free cleaning of glass and mirrors.
    Green - general dusting.

    Size: Each cloth is 35 x 40cm.

    • 4-1301-01A
      Set of 4
      $6.50     Qty

  • Oates Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - Colour coded - 40 x 40cm
    Chemical free cleaning. Wash and reuse.

    Clean with or without chemicals.
    Thick, premium grade microbre cloth suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning.

    Colour-coded to help eliminate the risk of cross contamination between work areas:
    Green - Kitchen
    Red - Bathroom
    Blue - General cleaning
    Yellow - Infectious areas

    Size: 40 x 40cm.

    • 4-1301-02A
      $4.50     Qty
    • 4-1301-02B
      $4.50     Qty
    • 4-1301-02C
      $4.50     Qty
    • 4-1301-02D
      $4.50     Qty

  • Oates - Microfibre - Dusting and polishing cloth - 32 x 32cm
    Chemical free cleaning. Wash and reuse.
    Dusting cloth for benchtops, computers and appliances;
    or polishing furniture, tapware and mirrors.

    - Non-scratch, streak free cleaning
    - No chemicals required
    - Wash and reuse

    Size: 32 x 32cm.

    Note: Cloth colour may be either pink or orange (depending on stock availability)


    • 4-1301-04A
      $5.50     Qty

  • Oates - Bamboo - Sponge - Non-Scratch - Heavy Duty - 14 x 9cm - Set of 2
    Bamboo. Anti-bacterial. Wash and reuse.
    Non-scratch sponge is ideal for cleaning dishes and grill plates.
    Heavy duty sponge with unique weave to clean stubborn stains.
    Bamboo fibres rinse easily and do not retain odours.
    Removes oil & grime effortlessly.

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