Oates - Bamboo - Sponge - Non-Scratch - Heavy Duty - 14 x 9cm - Set of 2

Oates - Bamboo - Sponge - 14 x 9cm - Set of 2

Bamboo products are made from viscose fibres obtained from bamboo. These degrade naturally without polluting the environment. Bamboo grows quicky and its use means a reduced reliance on tree plantations and forests.

Non-scratch. Anti-bacterial.

Ideal for cleaning and wiping dishes, sinks, stoves, tables and all kitchen utensils.

Soft and gentle to use on all surfaces

Can be used dry, damp or wet - with or without detergent

Cloth rinses clean easily and does not retain odours

Removes oil and grime effortlessly

Care instructions
Do not use fabric softener
Do not use chlorine bleach solutions
Do not tumble dry, spin dry or dry clean.

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